Frequently asked questions

Grey Shades is a youth run Not for Profit Organization, registered as a Trust that works for the social and emotional well-being of senior citizens. Our mission is to be India’s foremost institution that provides experiential learning and engagement programs for older adults and become the largest community of Active Agers in India by 2025.

Grey Shades Fellowship is a 100- Day curriculum based experiential learning program for Senior Citizens, which promotes and provides a space for active ageing to help them realize their potential. It is designed to help re-establish their confidence and self esteem and live their silver years with Enthusiasm and Purpose.

We are building Leaders of Active Ageing by providing them with the knowledge and resources for a meaningful engagement as they grow older. The fellowship program helps the elderly to develop the skills required for their happy and healthy ageing years. Throughout the program, fellows will be working on:

  • Emotional Management: Adapting to the changing perspectives and relearning the art of mindful conduct in harmony with self, family and society.
  • Healthy Lifestyle: Adopting change by practicing a healthy routine in a supportive and conducive environment.
  • Confidence: Regaining the ability to evaluate and make decisions, navigating through the challenges.
  • Time Utilization: Re-entering in an active life through meaningful engagement while learning in a vibrant community.
  • Community Initiative: Trained to be a Leader of Active Ageing through practical exposure of community service through age friendly engagement opportunities.

Grey Shades Fellows have a greater purpose to fulfil while living an active and healthy life while also playing an influential role in community service with their experience and time. They are evolving and adapting while navigating through the challenges of ageing years and for them learning never stops.

One must be Young at Heart and believe age is just a number


  • ● 60 Years of Age and Above.
  • ● Mobile and able to come to the program venue, Chandigarh on their own.
  • ● Can understand, read and write English.
  • ● Commitment of 4 days a week. (1 day is maximum of 2.30 hours).

An interested elderly needs to submit an ‘Interest Form’ which asks for basic information. This could be done either online or offline.

Online: You can fill the online form. Link will be provided when the applications are open for the next cohort.

Offline: You can contact or +91 8968821155. A PDF format file will be shared, which the participant is required to print and send it back after filling it offline through Email, WhatsApp or delivering a physical copy to the Team or a Grey Shades Volunteer.

Our selection process begins with submission of the Interest Form that we review on a rolling basis. Upon receiving the Interest Form, Grey Shades Team will have a telephonic conversation with the participant for any further clarifications on the submitted form. Upon meeting the eligibility criteria and based on the quality of the submission of response we will invite the elderly participant for a face to face conversation. The most promising elderly participants will be given the fellowship offer.

25 Fellows in 1 Cohort.

It is highly recommended that the elderly fills the Interest form on their own, and can seek assistance from their children and guardians. If technical support is required , please feel free to call Grey Shades Team and ask for help. We are happy to see children and guardians coming along with the elderly for the face to face conversation, however we will be requiring one on one time with the applicant during the conversation.

Yes, but both are required to submit their forms separately and the evaluation for each individual will be done separately. happen for both the individuals separately.

Though the fellowship participants can speak in Punjabi, Hindi and English based on their convenience, you should be able to converse, read and write in English as the medium of instruction and all the workshop modules, material and assessments at Grey Shades Fellowship will be in English.

We review interest forms on a rolling basis, the earlier you submit your interest form, the earlier it will get reviewed. You will be called for the one on one conversation within 10 days of submission of Interest forms. The offer for the fellowship will be communicated through email and provided contact number within a week after the one on one conversation.

The fellowship program is 100 days but it spreads over a 6 month period. The fellowship program is divided into 4 Terms and each term is 25 days long. Every term, fellows work on different themes with the help of various program modules and it is followed by an Assessment Conversation in the end.


  • ● Awareness to Exploration
  • ● Understanding to Experimentation
  • ● Expression to Self Transformation
  • ● Self Transformation to Community Transformation

The working days for the program are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday for 2.30 hours each day. 85 percent attendance is mandatory to successfully complete the fellowship program.

The program has an 85% attendance requirement, and all selected Fellows must attend all program sessions, workshops, meetings and complete assignment work. Grey Shades reserves the right for removal of a fellow from the program on account of irregularities. We make exceptions for emergencies in case of any.

Once you have joined as a Grey Shades Fellow you are a member of a growing and thriving community that leverages support from one another for life. Grey Shades is invested not only in each Fellows’ growth over the course of the 6 month-long program, but also in their development as Leaders of Active Ageing. After completing the Fellowship program, Fellows as part of vibrant community will receive continued monthly sessions and access to various engagement programs of the organization. Additionally, we engage the larger community of fellows through events, sharing knowledge and resources and providing engagement opportunities.

The tuition fee for the 6 Months program is Rs 50,000. (Fifty Thousands Rupees).

Grey Shades is committed to offering a world-class experience in adult learning and service to our seniors, at a fraction of the cost. We are putting efforts to ensure that this fellowship program is accessible & available for senior citizens from all walks of life.

In the First Batch , all the senior citizens were provided with a full scholarship. In the Second Batch, all the senior citizens got a 50 percent scholarship.

Additionally, we understand and empathise that the limited resources of our elderly are majorly the security for age related emergencies. And for us, not even a single elderly should miss out on the opportunity of becoming part of the program because of a financial barrier.

We continuously making efforts to raise funds and our endeavour is to provide the necessary financial support which can help Participants Bridge the gap between the cost of the program and their ability to pay. The need-based financial aid is the additional financial support provided, based solely on the financial standing of the participant and their family. They will be required to submit appropriate income and asset related documents additionally.


You need to mention it in the Interest form , and during the face to face conversation , you will be asked to submit further information to help the team take the final decision, with regards to providing additional financial assistance.

Note: Financial Assistance is based on need and will be provided on a first come first serve basis. So do apply early to avail of the financial assistance.

The participants will have to make the entire payment before the start of the program and may do so in two installments. Of which, one is required to be made along with the acceptance of the fellowship offer and the second by the end of the Term 1.

Caution Deposit The participants who are getting Need based Financial Assistance are required to pay a Caution Deposit of Rs 5,000/- (Rupees Five Thousand only) along with acceptance of fellowship offer. This will be refunded on successful completion of the course.

Grey Shades Fellowship is a 100 day program which is spread over a period of 6 months. Fellows are required to attend sessions 4 days a week which is Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. All sessions are for duration of 2.00 – 2.30 hours. To successfully complete the fellowship, 85% of attendance is mandatory.

Grey Shades is not for profit, charitable trust. It is registered under 12 A and 80 G of Income Tax Act. All the donations will have 50% tax exemption. Donations can be made online over the website or contact us.

No specific skills, background or technical experience is required to be eligible for the Fellowship. We look for commitment and eagerness to learn among the participants. We also focus on the interest of participants with respect to community service and the individual’s ability to work well in a collaborative environment, aptitude for leadership, humility and adaptability.

Yes. You can re- apply but not within the same batch. You will have to submit a fresh application if you are opting for the next fellowship batch.

No, there is no such option. However, the candidate may re-apply in the next cohort again.

RTGS/NEFT/Cheque. There will be assistance available by the team upon getting the fellowship offer.

RTGS/NEFT/Cheque. There will be assistance available by the team upon getting the fellowship offer.

Yes, people from the Grey Shades Community, who have attended our past events and workshops are welcome to apply. (Even those who have been selected in the previous cohort but didn’t attend the program for some reason.) Grey Shades Fellows who have completed the program successfully cannot apply again.

No. Currently we are catering to Tricity: Chandigarh, Mohali and Panchkula residents. Outstation participants would have to arrange for their stay themselves. However, we could provide assistance for the same.

The purpose of the Grey Shades Fellowship Program is to build a community of leaders of Active Ageing who challenge the status quo, live life surpassing the barriers of ageing and inspire their communities to believe in a brighter future.