Grey Shades Fellowship

“Every age is enjoyable if one has a few good friends, a passion and a sense of purpose. But, we have seen that often when people reach a certain age they take a backseat and stop living life fully.”

Grey Shades Fellowship is a 100- Day curriculum based experiential learning program for Senior Citizens, which promotes and provides a space for active ageing to help them realize their potential. It is designed to help re-establish their confidence and self esteem and live their silver years with Enthusiasm and Purpose.

100 Days Transformation Program

Designed in consultation and collaboration with 7 Organisations, It seeks to inculcate the idea of ‘active aging’ and provide a space to equip participants with the necessary skills and knowledge for their Physical and Socio- Emotional Wellbeing.

Grey Shades' 3 Pillars of Active Ageing

Elderly discovers oneself and various possibilities of engagement.

Elderly learn to identify and share one's thoughts and emotions. (Being aware of their communication patterns).
Elderly are engaging in new learnings without the fear of failure and judgement.

Program Design

Grey Shades Fellows are changing perspectives about ageing where they are not looked at as a liability but rather as an asset to society. We are building Leaders of Active Ageing by providing them with the knowledge and resources for meaningful engagement in their silver years.

The 100 contact days are spread over a period of 6 months, where Grey Shades Fellows attend class 4 times a week. The fellowship program is divided into 4 Terms and each term is of 25 days. Each term, fellows work on different themes with the help of various program modules.

CK Kapur
Grey Shades Fellows, 2019

Age 76, Retd Bank Manager

“I have gained the confidence to express myself. I went to Andaman with my friends. I am teaching kids even post-fellowship. I have learned to think and take care of myself. Grey Shades gave us the space to do things for ourselves at this age. Otherwise, life would have been just like staying home all the time. I have become more active and am trying to stay active. My grandchildren tell me there is a change in me, I have become more accepting in nature and my relationship is improved with them. For me, the fellowship program was very useful”
Col. TBS Bedi,
Grey Shades Fellow, 2020

Age 76, Retd, Indian Army

“The Grey Shades Fellowship Program turned out to be a positive catalyst in my life. At this age, I was feeling low while struggling with anxiety and short-tempered. I hardly smile and laugh by nature. Completing the first part of our program (Term 1), I feel great and rejuvenated, participating in the course activities; Yoga, Nature Cure, Dance Movement Therapy, Writing Therapy, learning deep listening and attending motivational sessions. I have learnt to smile, laugh and sing”

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