Inderpreet Singh
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Inderpreet Singh
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The Rationale

The rising number of senior citizens and the changing trend of families moving from joint to nuclear family set up are leaving them in a lurch. The demanding lifestyles of today’s work culture, lack of space for engagement and the digital revolution has resulted in decreased participation and interaction, making the elderly more prone to psychological, emotional, and social insecurities.

Problem Statement
“Senior citizens from urban and semi-urban areas struggling with loneliness because of decreased participation and limited interaction in family and society.”
  • ● Help Age India shows that over 10% of India’s 100 million elderly suffer from depression and 53 % of elderly face neglect.
  • ● And according to the study done by Agewell Foundation, 1 in every 2 senior citizens is suffering from loneliness.
  • 2016

    Grey Shades has come a long way from a small project, SPEEE (Society for Productive Engagement and Entertainment for elderly) which was started in 2016 and conducted a study of 143 senior citizens based out of 9 Old Age Homes in Amritsar. Later, the project evolved to explore further collaborations to understand and assess the needs arising from different aspects affecting old age. This included engagement with 12 senior citizens engaged in a Kitchen Gardening project and Youth Engagement program in the Old Age Home as well as voluntary work at a Day Care Center of Senior Citizens Home in Chandigarh.
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    We have grown past infancy from a good three years of research and experience working in Amritsar, New Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon and Chandigarh to understand the issues and identify the solutions for age-related problems in our country, India.
  • 2018
    Institution Building
    Immersing ourselves in a detailed study of 16 Organizations in 2018, several surveys, studies, workshops & sessions later, the idea of fellowship began to take shape. In May 2018, we launched the Grey Shades Fellowship Program in Chandigarh with a founding cohort of 16 participants. What began as a humble project 4 years ago in 2020, Grey Shades has come a long way, rising up as a response to the new and rising needs of the agening community.

Grey Shades is a Not for Profit organization registered as a Charitable Trust. The Grey Shades family consists of a team of passionate young professionals committed to creating a better world for our elderly, a large number of people believing in this cause and a lovely community of more than 30 fellows.