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Grey Shades as an organization is committed to working with the elderly for their Physical, Social & Emotional Wellbeing. In the fast-paced times we live in today, we strive to empower the elderly populace to prepare them for an enriching post-retirement life.

Covid Relief Work for Senior Citizens

With the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, each individual across the world is at risk of being exposed to the virus infection. Unfortunately, some of us are at a higher risk than others, and those are our senior citizens. At Grey Shades, we realise the magnitude of this pandemic on the lives of our Senior Citizens. During this nationwide lockdown, Grey Shades is helping the senior citizens through the following initiatives:

Delivery of Essentials
Stay Home and Stay Safe. If you are an Elderly living alone, we will take care of your essential needs and deliver requirements at your doorstep.
Counselling Services
Stay Positive, difficult times shall pass. We are here to talk to you.  

Virtual Engagement
Let’s make this boring lockdown fun with bringing out our creativity and learning to live new normal together.  

Grey Shades Fellowship

We are on a mission to provide a happy and positive space for elderly to express, explore and experiment. We intend to equip them with necessary skills & knowledge for active, healthy and productive ageing years through our flagship program the Grey Shades Fellowship.
Fellow & Stakeholder Experience

What do people praise about Grey Shades?

Madhu Ramma
Grey Shades Fellow, 2020

Age 61, Retd Principal, Government Model School

“My experience has simply been amazing; I had enjoyed and loved every activity done in the program. Given my profession where I spent 40 years of my life addressing students and becoming one now at this age has been a great experience. I appreciate the efforts of the entire Grey Shades team and how each & every day was beautifully planned and executed.”

Inder Sandhu

Son of our Fellow, Harminder Kaur Sandhu

"The Grey-Shades program has been very helpful for my mother. Before she started grey-shades she felt like nobody was interested in her life and that she was the only one in the space she was in. Now she is making new friends and gets excited while talking about her friends and is following a learning path of improvement. It is essential to see learning and improvement all our lives, hence this gives her and other seniors a chance of continued learning. This gives them and us hope, which is at a premium with age.”
Sher Singh
Grey Shades Fellow, 2019

Age 69, Retd SDO, Municipal Corporation

“I have relived my childhood during the fellowship and enjoyed it too much. I was very irritable and got annoyed more often and easily. I can meditate better now. I have learnt patience and engage better with children where it was difficult initially. I am continuing what I did during the community transformation program and twice every week I go to teach children living in slums.”


Daughter-in-law of our Fellow, Jai Prakash

“Grey shades helped us get a new perspective and a routine for my father-in-law. A very active man 5 years ago was slipping into depression due to my mother-in-law’s dementia. The program is multi-dimensional and creates both mental and physical awareness, and promotes a healthy and happy ageing process. Thank you Grey Shades.”

Shma Rani
Grey Shades Fellow, 2020

Age 63, Retd Accountant, CAG

“I found this routine very helpful for me, getting out of my home and meeting other people of my age at the centre. Grey Shades has provided us with a space to express and it is comforting. After working my whole life, I learned it is the time to start thinking about myself. I am "not just waiting to die" rather engaging in something I am enjoying for the years I have in my hands.”


Daughter of our Fellow, Raj Suri

“It seems to be a very positive experience for my mother. She looks forward to the classes and there is always a charm on her face when it is time to leave for the session.”

Amarpreet Kaur

Daughter of our Fellow, Jatinder Kaur

“Me and my mother share a very close bond. She has always been a confident person. Upon joining the fellowship program at Grey Shades her aura has enhanced and she radiates positivity and calmness. I wish if Grey Shades extended the programme to the people of my age group too and I could also reap in some benefits.”

Our Mentors & Advisors
Ravi Sreedharan
Founder & Director, ISDM
Vivek Atray
Ex IAS, Author & Motivational Speaker
Simarpreet Singh
Director, Hartek Group
Ashok Gupta
Managing Director, Diplast
DS Grewal
Former President, CSCA
Surjit Kaur
Former Vice President, CSCA
Brig. Keshav Chandra
Founding Member, Chandigarh Senior Citizens Association
Our Program Partners

‘Collaboration’ is the heart of our initiatives at Grey Shades and we deliver programs in consultation and collaboration with several organizations to ensure a wholesome experience.

Our Support Network